Thursday, April 07, 2005

Vaastu Shastram and the Construction

Vaastu Shastram guides us to design a House or structure to get more benefit of Panchabhutas which create positive vibration in the five locations as indicated below.

1) Earth (Bhoomi)--Southwest corner of the building and the site.
2) Water (Jala)--Northeast corner of the building and the site.
3) Agni (Fire)--Southeast corner of the building and the site.
4) Air (Vaayu)--Northwest corner of the building and the site.
5) Space (Akhaash)--Center of the building and the site.

To get best results the site should have correct direction without any cross.
Since the Earth is tilted 23 1/2' towards Northeast direction.

The first priority goes to

North facing and Northeast extended site with roads on North and East side.

North facing site with roads on North & East Side.

North facing site with road on North side only.

The Second priority goes to

East facing and Northeast extended site with roads on the North & East side.

East facing site with Roads on North & East Side.

East facing site with road on the East side only.

The third priority goes to West facing site.


The fourth priority goes to South facing site.

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Panchabhutas and the Life......

The Human body is also made up of Panchabhutas.The physical body with muscles and bones refers to Earth.Blood and other fluid in the body refer to Water.The temperature of the body refers to Fire.The oxygen and carbon dioxide in the body refers to Air.

The Anma (Pirana Uyir) refers to Akhaash.There must be a balance in the

1) Weight of the body- 1st element Earth

2) Water content in the body-2nd element Water

3) Heat or temperature of the body-3rd element Fire.

4) Oxygen inside the body-4th element Air.

If all the four elements are balanced then the man is healthy and his life span (Uyir) is extended for longer period.

On the other hand More weight- Leads to fat, Obesity, high B.P. and heart attack.Less weight-leads to anemic and low pressure.The weight of the water content in a body is 60 to 65%.If more water or fluid is discharged from the body it leads to dehydration causing danger to the life.

The temperature of the Human body is being maintained at 98.4-degree F. We don’t take any effort to maintain this normal temperature. But if any unbalance is caused by the 2nd & Fourth element namely water & air then the body temperature may raise or go down. Either case requires medical treatment. Hence it is very much essential that weight water content temperature and Air in our body is to be maintained.

We get cosmic energy for our body through Panchabhutas. A man works in the Agriculture field’s gets this energy naturally. But a man who works in the office relaxes in the house can get less cosmic energy if the working place and dwellings house is not designed suitably to Absorb Cosmic energy through Panchabhutas. Hence it is very much essential to follow Vaastu Shastram to design a house to get more and more Cosmic energy mainly through Air, Sunlight, Water and Space. The Structural design will take care of the other element called earth.

About Panchabhutas....(Five Elements)

Panchabhutas (Five Elements)

1. Space (Akhaash) Quality-Sound (Sabdha)
The volume is infinite. The other four elements are within this. It contains many Solar Systems and the entire galaxy.

2. Air (Vaayu) Quality-Sound and touch (Sabdha & Sparisha)
It is a combination of oxygen (21%), Nitrogen (78%),
Carbon dioxide, Helium, Neon etc.

3. Fire (Agni)Quality-Sound, touch and light (Sabdha, Sparisha and Roopa)
It gives light and heat. All plants generate chlorophyll with the direct light of Sunrays. In Earth we got light and heat directly from Sunrays but we get chlorophyll through plants only.

4. Water (Jala) Quality-Sound, touch, light and taste(Sabdha, Sparisha, Roopa and Ruchi)Water is the combination of Oxygen and Hydrogen in the ratio 1:2.Three fourth of the world is surrounded by water.

5. Earth (Bhoomi) Quality-Sound, touch, light, taste and smell (Sabdha, Sparisha,Roopa, Ruchi and Odour)

Earth is wonderful creation by the nature or God because it is the only planet in which mankind is living. Its perimeter is 12756 kms. It revolves itself once in a day(24 Hours).it is surprise to know that a man in Singapore, Nairobi (Kenya),Quito (ECUADOR-South America) revolves with a velocity of 531.5 km/hr(Since these cities are in the Equator).The other’s revolve with lesser velocity. But the man does not feel this rotation because of the earth’s gravitational force.

It is very much essential to note that if any unbalance is caused or created in the nature of these five elements then natural calamities like cyclone, flood or Earthquake /tsunami may occur.

Vaastu Shastram - A Glimpse.......

Vaastu Shastram guides us to design and construct a Residential House, Office Complex, Factory etc. in order to get maximum Cosmic energy to our body through the natural basic five elements namely Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Space. These basic five elements are called as Panchabhutas. Before we go deep into Vaastu Shastram let us have the clear idea about Panchabhutas.

The plants are growing with the aid of these five elements. Reptiles, birds, Animals and Human Beings are all living by grouping energy through these five elements.

Tholkappier a ancient poet of tamil has told 5000 years ago that the whole universe is the combination of the five elements called Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Space (Akhaash).
Many Rishis and Siddharkal also have told the same thing.

In short it can be said that

The whole universe is the combination of the Panchabhutas. The world in which we are living is the combination of Panchabhutas. The Human body is the combination of the Panchabhutas.All other living things including plants are also the combination of Panchabhutas.

Thursday, March 24, 2005

Vaastu Shatram........

I am creating this blog in order to create awareness about Vaastu Shastram- an ancient Science/technique to build houses, temples, palaces etc., in order to live happy as well as wealthy.

In this blog I am going to share my knowledge which I have gathered over a period of 10 years by doing research in this field.